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Aid Transparency: Myanmar.

Myanmar's home-grown open-source Aid Information Management System.

Responding to a request from the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Catalpa provided technical assistance to develop Myanmar’s Aid Information Management System (AIMS).

Working with local counterparts from the Foreign Economic Relations Department (FERD) within the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development, the objective was to create an AIMS that would automate aid data collection and make it easier for FERD to analyse aid flows. The challenge was figuring out how to store large amounts of local and international aid data for Myanmar, and present this data is an intuitive and visually rich, yet simple manner.

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Liga Inan: Mobile Health.

Liga Inan is using mobile phones to connect expectant mothers with health providers in Timor-Leste to improve the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Many women in Timor-Leste live in remote and rural areas, which makes it difficult for them to access health facilities and midwives. As a result, many women find it difficult to get good advice and support to improve their chances of a having a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby. With research showing that most women in Timor-Leste have access to a mobile phone, Health Alliance International (HAI) and Catalpa international saw an opportunity to strengthen communication between pregnant women and midwives.

read more Timor's Weather. is Timor-Leste’s first dedicated online weather forecast service.

For the first time, makes accurate weather forecast information available for Timor-Leste's Districts, Sub-districts, Sucos and Aldeias. The weather data behind is powered by the brilliant minds at and many satellites.

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Legal Aid: Case Management System.

An online case management database for the ALFeLa legal aid service in Timor-Leste.

The Legal Aid service ALFela approached Catalpa to develop a case management database. The database had to meet several requirements. It needed to record all of their client information, be easy for staff to access and manage, and also aid in monitoring ALFeLa's growing caseload.

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An innovative, tablet-based data collection tool.

Working with the World Bank in Timor-Leste, we developed a tablet-based data collection tool and corresponding web application. The survey application makes it possible to collect data from the field in real-time and monitor individual enumerators' performance in the field. Making it easier to monitor the implementation of the nation wide baseline survey and helping strengthen the quality of data being collected.

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