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We meet the real needs of people in the developing world by fusing human-centered design with the possibilities of technology.

We love what we do

Catalpa International is a design and technology agency which provides innovative, simple and effective solutions in a development context. Launched in 2010, Catalpa builds tools to assist governments, NGOs, communities and donors to make decisions to improve the delivery of aid and services.

Context matters

Technology is not one size fits all, context matters. We work hard to understand the real needs of our users by centering our design and development process around them. And we work closely with partners who are invested in developing better outcomes for communities.

We value simple

We are a details oriented design and technology agency, because making something simple is complicated work.

We believe that technology should be intuitive, user-friendly, and not require extensive training.

The stuff we do. And love.

Myanmar: Aid Transparency.

Developing the worlds first IATI native aid information management system.

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Myanmar’s Mohinga Aid Information Management System (AIMS) provides governments and development partners with the ability to monitor aid programs and spending in a way that’s smart, simple and secure.

The Mohinga app is currently tracking over US$3.51 billion in aid commitments, and over 1488 individual development activities.

Reporting on aid programs shouldn't be hard, boring or time consuming. By using the advantages of new technologies, we are seeking to make aid transparency easier and more effective.

Liga Inan: Mobile Health.

The Liga Inan program, Timor-Leste's first mHealth project, is changing the way mothers and midwives stay in touch.

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Liga Inan is using mobile phones to connect expectant mothers with health providers in Timor-Leste to improve the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Liga Inan cuts across geographic barriers to directly connect women to better health care in a country with high maternal and neonatal mortality.

Liga Inan has dramatically increased the number of women seeking prenatal care — with an increase of over 100% in the Same sub-district, Timor-Leste. weather.

Catalpa's is Timor-Leste first online weather forecast service.

Read more » uses satellite based forecast data mapped to Timor-Leste geographical boundaries to provide forecasts for every District, Sub-District, Suco or Aldeia.

Prior to the development of, weather forecasts for the towns and villages of Timor-Leste were not available online.

Now, anyone with internet access can check the weather forecast for the coming week in English, Tetum or Portuguese.

"We build amazing things to help people make better decisions"

Latest News. And Blogs.

What MAMA taught us.

Last month MAMA came to town. MAMA is the Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action. As part of the annual MAMA conference, it brought nine mHealth professionals from eight countries to Timor-Leste to learn about the Liga Inan Project.

By Kate Williams

Why we care about the weather.

Without much initial planning started out as a fun side-project. Finding no existing weather service directly serving Timor-Leste, we went on to create a weather forecast service which not only delivers country-wide forecasts, but also forecasts for the individual district, sub-district and village.

By Simon Borum

Timor’s food security monitors collaborate online.

In October, Catalpa wrapped up four days of training with Timor-Leste’s Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries national food security monitoring team. Monitors from all 13 districts of Timor Leste were present, representing 442 Villages.

By David Roach

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@oliverstuenkel Yes but check out great digital dev work by @CatalpaDev in Timor Leste, esp child & maternal health.

Congrats! MoH #midwives in Manufahi, #Timor have enrolled 900+ moms into #LigaInan #mhealth. More info 4 healthier moms & babies. @HAITIMOR

Aban udan ka? Iha #Dili? Iha Ossu? Iha Darudu? Hare tok #TimorLeste nia tempu iha

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